Why Choose Kayayurved ?

Kayayurved - It's all about Skin and Hair. We at Kayayurved have separate special diagnostic system and accurate treatment protocol which makes us unique in skin speciality brand. Lets see Why Choose Kayayurved ?



For Complete Cure

Skin being the most intelligent organ of our body, requires special care and attention. 
Hence, in order to maintain her(Kaya's/skin's) life(ayu), we under kayayurved are introducing a new and unique concept of DNYAHA i.e. D-Diet, N-Naturopathy, Y-Yoga, A-Ayurved, H-Homeopathy, A-Allopathy.

As the need of hour, together under one roof of kayayurved we are keeping aside the age long pathy barrier, providing diagnostic as well treatment value addition through which our patient will be completely cured  from his/her skin disease by Ayurved and other pathies as required.

Choosing what is best for our patient from DNYAHA, thereby achieving our only motto of curing the patient from root of his/her skin disease.
In Short DNYAHA means Knowledge. 
Here you Will get Knowledge of everything about Skin.


Our Motto

Ultimate Motto of Kayayurved is "To Cure Patient ". There Must be no Pathy Barrier to Cure patient, Kayayurved has Special Vision about it.
About Us

Walking together towards complete cure. 
Our mission is to blend ancient Ayurved with other pathies to achieve our objective of curing patients of their skin disease through complete skin care solution.
We are establishing diagnostic value addition methods including skin photography, skin analysis, Ayurvedic skin blood analysis at our main Kayayurved centre. 
Kayayurved is working together in harmony with other pathies to cure patients from root of their skin diseases. 
Our motto is complete cure of patients through diagnostic value addition via latest technology and software based report system for accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment using modern equipments without changing the basic principles of Ayurveda.

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